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Teresinha with fibre flax bundleTeresinha trained initially as a Biologist and later studied for a City & Guilds in Embroidery. After learning about dyeing, she took up an allotment and started to grow woad, weld, madder and other plants that produce natural dyes. Recently, she started to grow fibre flax and she also rears several types of silkworms.

She has websites on natural dyes, fibres, spinning and weaving, handmade paper and greeting cards. She sells her products all over the world, and her websites attract 25 thousand visitors a week. She has a studio in the prestigious Custard Factory, which you are welcome to visit by appointment.

She is an active member of three Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guilds. She comes from a family with a long line of textile tradition and both her grandfathers were bespoke tailors. Her ancestors were weavers and lived near Erfurt in Thuringia - the heart of the woad industry in Germany – before emigrating from Germany to Brazil in the 1850s.

Before turning to textiles, she wrote a field guide to southern Brazilian birds and worked on a World Wide Fund for Nature project in the Amazon forest.

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I am on the official list of speakers for the Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers and the Embroiderers’ Guilds and I am a popular speaker at quilters, gardening and botanical groups as well as Women’s Institutes and U3As.
To book a talk, contact me by email or phone. You will find this information on the Contact page.

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2. More about Teresinha Roberts
I come from a long line of textile workers. My ancestors were weavers and lived at the heart of the woad industry in Germany before emigrating to Brazil in the 1850s. Both my grandfathers were bespoke tailors and my grandmother a hat maker. My interest in the natural world comes from my Biology degree and Masters in Ecology. My love of bright colours comes from my early years in Brazil, having worked with the World Wildlife Fund with birds in the Amazon forest and from living ten years in Africa.

I studied for a City & Guilds in Embroidery where I learned about dyeing. This led me to experiment with woad, weld and madder, and other dye plants at the allotment. You may even have seen me on a BBC Gardener’s World programme dyeing with woad at our allotment or heard me on a Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time. Growing and processing flax to produce linen and cultivating mulberry trees to rear silkworms quickly followed.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn

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Teresinha Roberts, Studio 319, Scott House, Gibb St, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4DT, UK

Contact Teresinha for enquiries on
Tel:  +44 (0)7979 770865
email: info@wildcolours.co.uk

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